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Reflections from Sunday: We Win in Him

We Win in Him

There are plenty of things that may tell you that you’ve lost. Your past mistakes, as recent as they may be, haunt you and make you feel unworthy of God’s grace. The issues we still hold on to keep us stagnant in our journey with Christ and we ultimately feel like we’ve lost it all. God comes today, and everyday, to remind us that we’ve lost nothing if we live in Him and in the faith of His Son, Jesus Christ. The same victory He had over sin, death, the grave, shame, guilt, hurt, and pain will be ours as well if we believe.  We must allow God to receive the glory from our lives as ugly as they may have been. God can use your story to show others His love. It takes trust and faith in God’s word to know that He already made you victorious in HIM.
That’s how we truly win.

Make today great.

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