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Pastor’s Corner: Your Labor Is Not In Vain

1 Thessalonians 1:3 says we must work our faith, and labor in our love. These statements may seem funny to you as you read them, because here we always say we don’t need more work, we need more WORD. At first glance those statements seem to be contradicting because the book of God says work, and we say don’t work. As a matter of fact, in Genesis 1, as a punishment given for Adam’s sinful act in the garden, God says you will work. So you must and will work, but what we are talking about here is not providing for oneself or building an empire of your own. What we’re talking about is the action of building oneself up in Christ and after being built up, then laboring to build the kingdom: working for God. This does not take a physical labor, but greater spiritual vision. The work of our faith allows us to see the invisible, the impossible, and even the inconceivable.  Sometimes we need to see it for ourselves, for our forgiveness, for our deliverance, or our healing and prosperity as God is restoring us and building us for use in the kingdom. Often times we need it for work in the kingdom for the building up of others and their faith.  Our labor in love is very necessary.  Luke 6:27-49 talks to us about how we love in the kingdom. Laboring in love God’s way with the love of Christ is often times more difficult than it really seems. This love requires that we love the unlovable, our enemies, and those who give us a hard time. It means loving those who treat you unfair or take advantage of you. What kind of love is this you may ask? Love that asks you what you want people to do for you, and then taking the initiative and doing it for them. This is Gods view of love according to Luke 6, if you only love those who you see as deserving of your love any ordinary sinner can do that. But we are more than ordinary sinners, we are Christ ambassadors, we love as if it were God loving the people himself. We shouldn’t always give to get something in return. We should practice helping and giving not looking for anything in return. If I’m not mistaken isn’t that what God did? Didn’t he love us while we were still sinners? The Bible says it is by your love that people will know you have been sent by God, not just any love but a love that heals broken hearts, restores sin sick souls, refreshes, and replenishes wells of hope that have long dried up. This kind of love is not always easy but in the kingdom its always necessary, but it only shows up when you have more of God’s only begotten son in your heart. So if you are going to be a kingdom builder show up and let’s get started, let God use you.  You will find out quickly that this is not a contradiction….That you don’t need more work you need more WORD.

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