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Reflections from Sunday: The Echo

Can They Hear The Echo?

The eternal gift Christ gives us can’t compare with the temporary fixes and distractions we can find here on Earth. We long for our friends and loved ones to join in on this gift, but at times this seems like an impossible task. We’ve invited them to church and we even talk to them about the great things God is doing in our lives, but the words just don’t seem to move them to belief. What Paul was applauding the church of Thessalonica for is what we should adopt into our daily lives. Paul spoke about how proud he was that the church’s ACTIONS were speaking for them. He went on to tell them how their message of action was spreading to provinces far and wide.

As believers in Christ, we should follow suit with the church of Thessalonica and allow our ACTIONS for God to speak for us. When we make the choice for radical change in our lives and turn from our old lives of sin, we will glorify God and spread His message effectively.  When we make the decision to follow Christ’s example and His only, our actions will cause an echo to reach where our mere words of belief can’t.

We must be able to live a life that pleases God and inspire others to do the same. When we live in the freedom Christ’s death granted us, we change the sound wave people have heard for years. We have the ability to change the direction of vicious cycles in our life and create new healthy, productive ones. Our turning to God will turn heads from distractions and will show His infinite power is available to anyone if they do the same.

Two famous sayings still hold true, “The value of talk hasn’t went up – It’s still cheap,” and “Actions speak louder than words.” For God’s message to ring out to our families, friends, and loved ones, we must first make the change they can SEE and HEAR. This starts by following God’s Word and staying faithful to the path He places you on. You won’t be disappointed.

Make today great!

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