Pastor J's Corner, Sermon Topics

Pastor’s Corner: THAT Kind of Love

Jesus didn’t only die or share his love with loveable people, anyone can do that. He died and loved the unlovable; the enemies of the cross like you and I. God has no respect of persons and He loves all. He died for all even when they’re not receptive to His love. Love is God’s greatest attribute. We should all seek to walk in love.

Be careful of how we treat strangers, those who are not in our clique, those who you don’t see every day, those who don’t act or think like you, those who are still trying to get this walk right, those with attitudes, anger, and alternative motives, and those that need to be cast off and cast out. Be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

In this your love you show one to another is how they will know God has sent you.


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