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Reflections from Sunday: He’s Ready

He’s Ready

We often believe this idea that God is still preparing our future. We lose sight that He is Alpha and Omega. He’s already seen the end and prepared it for us to win. The blessings that are promised to us are already prepared and ready for us as soon as we obey. When we obey God and follow His plan, we will see unfathomable benefits that were always there. We will also see how this plan was already orchestrated before the world’s creation.

When Christ said it was finished, He said it to several things, but the most important one being our disconnection to God. Jesus repaired the bridge back to God and His love. As we continue to obey God’s Word, we become more like Christ and just like Christ we are viewed and loved as sons and daughters of God. As His children, He wants to bless us make us prosperous. All we have to do is stay obedient to the Father and allow Him to do what He already planned.

It’s not God who needs to get ready, but us.

Make today great!

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