Africa - Israel Missions, OFC Kenya Trip 2017, Updates

Kenya trip Day 1


The journey began today at 5am. As the passengers began to file into the car,  you could feel the power of God increasing. We are getting ready to head to the airport. As we reflect on the upcoming adventure we realize how much God has blessed us. This is a long awaited prayer being answered and another promise fulfilled. We’re excited to experience a new culture and worship with our Kenyan brothers and sisters.

It is still surreal knowing we are headed to a country full of history, culture, and beauty: A country our ancestors have seen and known. We can only imagine all of the great things we will see and learn once we touch down.

Thousands of questions are running through our minds like,  “What will we eat?”, “How will we be received by the locals?”, and “How will we get around?” The biggest question that we all have is “How is God going to use us on this trip?” We look forward to getting answers to these questions and much more as we embark on the marvelous journey.

Come back tomorrow and see what we’re up to once we arrive!

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