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Kenya trip Day 2

Oh, what an 8 hour time difference can do? It feels as if we’ve traveled in time.

We arrived in Switzerland at 9am Saturday morning to join the hundreds of other bustling travelers making their way around the world. The airport is one place where you will see various nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, and faiths all gathered for the sole purpose of getting to point A to point B.

We arrived safely in Nairobi where we were warmly met by OFC and the locals. We were fascinated at the differences we’ve noticed. We were apprehensive of getting in the front seat until we discovered the steering wheels are mounted on the right side. We made our way back to Happy Life Children’s Home where we enjoyed an American staple, KFC. Today was filled with new discoveries and thanks to God for the blessings to come. Those thanks started all the way back in Maryland before we left.

After we posted Day 1’s entry, we discovered that we forgot First Lady Danielle’s bag in Delaware, which was 3 hours away. With our departure time winding down, we rushed back and were able to retrieve it. We were grateful that at every house we went to, we stopped to pray and talk before leaving. If we hadn’t taken out that time, we would have left behind something vital. This can be a reflection of our spiritual lives. We can make our way through life missing vital items because we don’t take the time out to pray and talk with God. We were fortunate enough to have time and help getting the bag, but time is limited. We only have so much before we have to depart. Don’t be the one forgetting your bag at home.

This experience has only started, but we are grateful and beyond excited to see what God is going to do. Pastor J begins ministry tomorrow with teaching. We will update you on how it goes tomorrow!

1 thought on “Kenya trip Day 2”

  1. Man, i am so excited. I don’t want to go to sleep. Because i want to enjoy this experience like no other. I am so grateful to God for this. I think is funny how you all had go to Africa to eat KFC, IJS.


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