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Kenya trip Day 4



Today we took the very bumpy journey to Juja Farms where Happy Life Christian School is located. It took almost an hour to arrive and half of it was on completely dirt roads. We learned some history of Juja Farms and how before Happy Life Christian School was founded, there weren’t any shops or plots of land being utilized. They are working on building a paved road to the school and created more shops and economy in the area. It was a blessing to see another part of their vision be birthed and bring along so many other open doors for the city.


We were greeted by over 40 smiling children reciting poems, singing songs, and performing a dance routine. We were so touched by the warm welcome, we decided to join in with the festivities and learn the dance they did. We got a chance to spend time with the kids, pray for them, minister to them in song, and tour the facility. After a hearty lunch, we ventured back to Happy Life Children’s Home.



In the evening, we attended a Business Expo at Overcoming Faith Church where the keynote speaker was Pastor Darrell Andrews, father of the young girl who started the non-profit we met yesterday. We also enjoyed a praise dance ministry from Norfolk, Virginia. We had the pleasure to meet with Pastor Andrews for breakfast where we talked about some of the main points he would cover at the expo. Some of the key things we took away were:

  • Motivation without information is just a conversation
  • Don’t take your gift to the grave because your gift is needed
  • God wants to prosper you
  • You need to develop a strategic mindset to be successful
  • Turn off the TV and open a book
  • Don’t waste time/ Plan your time out
  • Connect your business to God’s purpose
  • Build yourself a success dream team
  • You must be self-motivated and driven
  • You must be persistent
  • Don’t just fall in the love with the dream, fall in love with the process
  • Business owners have the right attitude

We have all agreed that this trip has been one full of rewards and blessings. We will continue to take note of the great things God is doing on this trip tomorrow!

You can sponsor a child here at Happy Life by visiting their website HERE!

You can follow and sow into the ministry of Overcoming Faith Church HERE!

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