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Kenya trip Day 5

Today was a day started in prayer, filled with preaching and power, and finished with praise. The call of ministry began this morning before leaving the conference. The Happy Life Children’s Home had an outbreak of sickness before we arrived that worsened to the point where a young child passed. We took time out to pray and ask God for miraculous healing. Those of you who know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much, please join in our payers to God for healing, comfort, and restoration.

Once we arrived at the church, Pastor J started off the conference talking about unlimited faith. The power of God was demonstrated in our faith during the morning session. You can hear the message below.

During lunch, we got a chance to talk with Pastor Johnson from India. He spoke to us about his ministry there and how much persecution they face. We learned that only 2.3% of India was Christian. We also learned that there were 30 churches that were shut down in a matter of 2 months in India for being Christians. The Christian churches united and had 52 consecutive days of prayer. After this, 25 churches reopened. Pastor Johnson also informed how in India, most churches take place in someone’s home or in open areas. There aren’t many dedicated buildings for worship. He preached the 2nd portion of the conference on how Jesus knows the way we take. He came from Job 23:8-10 & Matthew 17:25.

We had a short break and returned for the final speaker for the night, Pastor Steve Kamau. He preached about how the just shall live by faith. After he preached, a young woman gave her life back to Christ. We welcomed her back home and ended today’s session with praise and worship.


We are all humbled and grateful that God has chosen to use us for such a time as this. We are appreciating every moment and wait in anticipation for tomorrow’s outpouring of God’s anointing.  Check back tomorrow for more updates!

You can sponsor a child here at Happy Life by visiting their website HERE!

You can follow and sow into the ministry of Overcoming Faith Church HERE!

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