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Kenya trip Day 6

Just when we thought this trip couldn’t get any better, we were shown more of God’s glory and blessings. While at Happy Life Christian School in Juja Farm, we asked how farmers gather water for their crops. One of the Pastor’s mentioned that they don’t get much rain and we responded by praying for rain. Early in the morning, we could hear the faint sound of water, which was believed to be a shower. Once we left our rooms, we could see rain pouring down. We began to bless God and praise Him in the Rain! We tried to get a little rest before our day started.

We started today’s session with prayer and intercession. Afterwards, Minister Curtis received a tie from the praise team so he could join them. We enjoyed songs of praise from several countries in Swahili and English. Pastor J kicked off todays’ session. He taught us how our buts can slow us down. He showed us how to increase our faith and shrink our buts. After teaching and empowering the people, gave way for Minister Jewel to minister and usher in the Holy Spirit in teaching and psalms. She spoke about how we should abandon ourselves to God and trust in Him.

Coach D took us to the next level teaching on faith and encouraging us to exercise our faith.  His wife gave the testimony of Juja Farm and Happy Life Children’s Home. She charged us to take in a child this Christmas season. We also extend this charge to our brothers and sisters everywhere. Unfortunately, we can’t adopt from Kenya at the moment, but we can support our children by clicking HERE. Share this link with everyone you know so we can ensure every child has a happy and loving Christmas.

The final session of the day was done by none other than Pastor Johnson from India. It was beautiful having 3 countries come together for bringing God’s name glory and honor. Pastor Johnson spoke about the dangers of practicing Christian faith in India again today. We began to pray for their safety and protection from their persecutors. He preached about how God can use outcasts and bless them for His glory. We left today with our hearts filled with the love of Jesus Christ. We are excited for tomorrow’s session which is themed as African wear day. Come back tomorrow to see all the wonderful outfits, designs, and most importantly messages from God!

You can sponsor a child here at Happy Life by visiting their website HERE!

You can follow and sow into the ministry of Overcoming Faith Church HERE!

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