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Kenya trip Day 8

Today marks a full week we’ve been here. We feel like we’re honorary Kenyans after all we’ve experienced. God has truly been showing us how great He is. Today, the pastors, ministers, and clergy were all prayed for and anointed. All of the messages today surrounded around faith and how to incorporate that into ministry.


Pastor Alex Frazier started off the session today and spoke about unshakable faith. He talked about how we have to be grounded in something unshakable. Pastor Faith followed up with a message about faith that will conquer the remaining land. She charged us to write down all of the areas where God will continue to give us territory. We charge you to write down all of the areas you know God will continue to give you authority in.


The children from Happy Life Christian School in Juja Farm came and performed a few dances, sang, and read scripture. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and pray that the children will find permanent homes soon. You can contribute to their education and support by clicking HERE. All of the ministers came and spoke and encouraging word to the ministers. They came from all of the branches to hear Godly wisdom and to receive prayer for the upcoming season.


We will be closing out the conference tomorrow. All of the ministers will be visiting the 4 branches of OFC in the morning and the entire congregation will come back in the afternoon for closing ceremonies and prayer. We are looking forward to Sunday morning’s worship and we will come back tomorrow with more updates and the final installation for the conference.

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