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Kenya trip Day 9

And the church said, Amen. Today was the closeout for the Power to Become conference. We have witnessed a mighty move of God this week that we will never forget. We all can agree that we will never be the same after this journey.

Today, we were sent to diffrent churches for ministry needs. It reminded us of the movement of the new church where apostles and disciples were sent to diffrent countries and towns for ministry purposes. Pastor J, First Lady, and Nana went to the first OFC branch. Jewel attended church with Pastor Alex, one of the speakers for the conference and Minster Curtis stayed where the sessions were being held on Thika Road to sing with the praise team.

Everyone met back at Thika Road, for our final impartation, prayer over the youth, and prayer. We took holy communion and concluded the ceremonies with another praise session and dancing.

After we left the church, we reconvened back at Happy Life for a Kenya BBQ. This week was filled with so much of God’s glory, words and pictures can’t do justice. We will continue to enjoy our time here in Kenya and will post one final update once we return to the states.

We thank you for taking this journey with us. We pray that you will keep in prayer:

  • Overcoming Faith Church,
  • Happy Life Children’s Home,
  • Happy Life Christian School,
  • Jessekay Hospital,
  • Bishop Peter and Pastor Faith Ndungu,
  • Pastor Alex,
  • Pastor Dowy Johnson and First Lady Jennifer,
  • Coach D and Sister Pam,
  • Reverend Steve Kamau,
  • and all the OFC pastors, ministers, ministry partners, and members.

We are excited to take this word of faith home with us and close out this year of greater. We love you and more importantly, God loves you. Be sure to follow or webpage, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and join us Sundays at 9am.

God bless!

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