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Pastor’s Corner: Beyond!

As we begin to move forward into this New Year, we are encouraged to know God has sent us. This means there are specific and intention directions for our prosperity and success. God will not send you where He has not already prepared the place for you.

You are a vessel full of the Word and the Holy Ghost. You speak with conviction, trust, and power because you know it is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. (Luke 12:32) You must remember, God has prepared you for this season. The atmosphere for your elevation is sanctified by He who sets your promotion. You have every gift, skill, ability, and talent you will ever need. You can be sure that what he promised shall come to pass. God has prepared the soil, He has given seed to the sower. He has positioned Destiny helper and Divine partnerships. Therefore, you can go forward with no fear.

You are well equipped. YOu can be assured no one will question your authority for being there because God is your validation. You speak and do not doubt and that which you say, you shall have. (Mark 11:23) You will not be dismayed because the doors you shall walk through are the ones God has specifically opened for you. There are Godly relationships you don’t know about that will release your overflow, so you shall prosper and have good success there. Only those who are qualified to walk with you can enter this place with you.

2018 is your year to move forward, take dominions, and subdue it all. Now go! Just walk in and possess the land…. as it is written in the book of Joshua!

We are moving, Exceedingly, Abundantly, Beyond in 2018!


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