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Reflections From Sunday: It’s Time To Take An Accounting

When you really look at the plan God created for you, it is clear that we were destined for victory. Our path leads right up to the first place podium because of Jesus’ actions here on Earth. Many people, with me included, have wondered about why we are here or what our purpose is on Earth.  I’ve come to realize through my relationship with God that He already prepared great works for us through Christ.

Now, I know after reading that it doesn’t give a clear indication of what exactly those great works are, but it becomes simple when you view it this way: God gave all of us gifts and talents. When we give those gifts and talents back to God in our vocation and careers, we’re doing exactly what God planned for us from the beginning. Your work becomes a form of Worship (or Workship if you will)

God is well pleased when what we do brings Him and His Son glory. It’s a divine set-up for all of us to win and to win in the greatest way. The only thing required of us is to use what God has given us to glorify Him and advance His kingdom. The man who was entrusted with the talents failed because instead of even making an effort to utilize what he was given, he buried it all in the ground.

What things are there in your life that need to be dug up?
Would God say well done to your efforts or rebuke you for your lack thereof?
Seek God today on what it is He’s given you and then go and bring Him glory with it.

Make today great!

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