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Reflections from Sunday: Mastering Your Freedom

We have mastered some bad habits over the years. We’ve been able to master serving ourselves with sin, holding on to guilt from said sin, and then becoming immovable with fear from all of it. We’ve been able to master looking free without actually being free. God is calling us to a higher and greater place in Him and that places requires us to be free!

Looking at the story of the man near the pool of Bethesda (John 5:6-9), we can see someone who was hindered for years because of his condition. When he met Jesus, we can see that even when Jesus offers him what he so desperately needs, he refers back to his condition and how it’s hindered him for decades. Jesus changes the man’s trajectory by telling him to get up from where he was. From that moment forward everything changed for the man and the same command was given to us when Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

For us to master our freedom, we have to first know that we are free. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us through His death and we now have victory and freedom through faith. Once we understand that our freedom is in tact, we have to detach from all of those things that held us in bondage. Jesus told the man to take up his bed with him because he was no longer required to stay there. When we don’t move from the place of bondage, our mindsets will start to revert back to familiar habits. We have to change what we see in order to see differently.

Lastly, we must not look at our freedom with contempt. We have to know that it requires more energy to be free than to be in bondage. Remember that the benefits of freedom outweigh the comfortability of slavery. When you are able to grasp these concepts, you will appreciate and fight for your freedom.

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