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Reflections From Sunday: Prayer Still Works

We can never discredit or minimize the power a conversation has; especially if that conversation is with the one who created Heaven and Earth. We have the right and freedom to come to God in prayer through Jesus Christ. He desires for us to commune with Him and to tell Him about the things that make us anxious, the desires we have for our future, and so much more. He also desires for us to consult Him and to acknowledge Him in all of our plans.

God has a purpose and plan for each and every one of us. This good news should have us sprinting to His throne for prayer, but often times, it pushes us away. Sin, guilt, and negative thinking keep us from coming to God out of fear; Fear of punishment, judgement, or even condemnation. God has given the perfect sacrifice in Jesus to once again allow open communication with no condemnation for those who believe. (Romans 8:1)

Like Jabez, we can come to God boldly and ask for more. We can ask God for more of His anointing, more of His grace, and more of His Spirit. We can ask Him to enlarge our territory and to deepen our relationship. We can ask so many things, but the first step is to start the conversation. God is waiting to talk with you. Don’t be intimidated by prayer and feel pressure to start a monologue of biblical rhetoric. Instead, simply talk with God and wait for a response. Before you know it, like Jabez, you’ll see your territory expanding.


Make today great!

If you want to learn about beginning a relationship with Christ, click here!

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