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Reflections from Sunday: Praise Your Way Through

We would love to run a race that was on a downward hill slope. We would sit back and let gravity do most of the work while we coast to the finish line. Sadly, there aren’t any races like that, at least not for believers. We will have hills, bumps in the roads, winding turns, some rocky places, and even some stumbling blocks on this race of faith.

Paul shared with the church of Corinth how unbearable some his obstacles were. He even went as far as describing one as a thorn stuck in his flesh. We all can attest to having “thorns” that make running this race harder. Those “thorns” could be low self-esteem, anger/depression, past pain and hurt, guilt, or anything else we wrestle with. We have seen these issues come across our paths, but what we must realize is that God’s grace is stronger than all of them and that it’s all we need to carry on.

If you were running in a race and you came to a mountain, you wouldn’t give up all the effort you’ve put in to that point just to say you can’t make it up. You would do whatever it takes to finish and win. The problem we face when we stop at the mountain is knowing what could’ve been. What-ifs run through our minds and taunt us as potential that was never capitalized. Running this race with grace means that even though you shouldn’t be able to make it up that hill, God’s strength will see to it that you will. Obstacles, don’t mean stop, they mean look up to God and keep going. When you praise Him and trust in His strength, you will praise your way to victory.

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