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Reflections from Sunday: Release the Handcuffs and Start Having

God did not free us to live a life of mediocrity or tradition. His Son’s death was as loud and expressive as our lives should be now that we have faith in Him. Jesus didn’t believe in following the trend, but instead followed what God called Him to. In return He will be the name above all other names for eternity.

God does not desire for us to only rejoice over the victories around us, but to also play a part in the victories He’s prepared for us. There is land to possess and territory to explore and He’s waiting on us!

We must not allow our past to handcuff our future. Jesus forgave every sin this world could throw at Him and responded to us with renewed access to the Father. We are forgiven of everything that was and is to come so our lives should now be focused on the pursuit of God’s heart. He has blot out all transgressions and now wants you to see what He had set aside for you all along.

God has called all of us to a place of crazy faith. We’ve taken inventory and knew that things would not work out on our own, but we still hear God calling. This is because God will never get glory in something we can accomplish alone. We must not lean on our own abilities, but place all of our hope, trust, in faith in the one who can. We will find our lives filled with peace and assurance that God will fight every battle in front of us.

Take time out today and pick a fight with something that takes more than you to be won. You’ll be amazed at how quickly God responds to the sincere faith of His people. Take the handcuffs of your past off and start having the Life that is Worth Living in Christ!

Make today great!

If you want to learn about beginning a relationship with Christ, click here!

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