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Reflections from Sunday: Transference of Inheritance

The best gift any parent could give their children is the preparedness for their departure from this Earth. We won’t ever be able to rid ourselves of the feeling of losing someone near and dear to our hearts, but we can leave behind a legacy that will allow our efforts to live on. This legacy is built in the inheritance we leave behind.

Many may think of monetary wealth and possessions when you refer to inheritance, but there is so much more that is passed down to generations. We’ve inherited our ancestors, beliefs, ideologies, morals, traditions, and customs. Cultures have been formed because of someone else’s knowledge and heritage being passed down. We haven’t always received positive inheritances, however. We’ve inherited our ancestors practice of deception, fear, and shame. We’ve loaded ourselves down with debts of sin and iniquity that keep us from our destiny.

Jesus Christ came to change this cycle. As believers, we are freed from the penalty of sin and we shouldn’t bequeath those penalties onto the next generation. When we build our inheritance now, we must build it on the foundation of Christ and the righteousness we find through faith in Him. Our children and their children will live more prosperous lives when they inherit this understanding.

Favor is given to those who are obedient. When we live obedient lives to Christ, our families are blessed in return. They will inherit favor on their lives and will learn to live obedient lives of their own through our guidance. Generational curses will be broken and we will see the promise God made to His people once we begin to live in obedience.

What are you leaving your children today? Begin by first obeying God’s Word and see how their inheritance changes over time!

Make today great.

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