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Reflections From Sunday: Mothers: A Vessel That Carries Destiny

There are several jobs that come with being a mother. From nurturer, to personal chef, to tutor, and friend; Mothers play a very intricate in a child’s life. God was careful in who He chose to carry His gift to humanity in. He blessed Mary before the foundation of the world to bring our destiny into Earth. Women around the world are carrying history changers and world shifters right now, waiting to give birth. It is an encouraging and exciting thing to know that destiny is being carried in women today.

We all carry destiny within us. As we accepted Jesus into our hearts, we began to carry destiny that will be birthed in it’s time. We must be careful to prepare ourselves for the birth and how to nurture it once it’s come to life. Like any mother, we will have many hats to wear, but they all work together for the upbringing of greatness.

We applaud women around the world for their job of birthing destiny into the world. We all have the ability to give birth to God’s purpose in us. Find it to be an honor and get ready to PUSH!

Make today great!

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