Coming to Christ

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Being a Christian means that you accept the sacrifice of death Jesus Christ made for you at Calvary. (Matthew 27) You understand the belief in His death, burial, and resurrection grants you eternal life in Heaven.

What does it mean to have a relationship with Christ?

All relationships need these 4 core values in order to stay healthy and beneficial:

  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Love
  • Consideration

These same values apply with our relationship with Christ. We communicate through prayer (we speak) and reading scripture(He speaks). Respect comes into play when we follow the requests of Christ (His commandments found in the Bible). Love is shown when we’re obedient to what He requests us to do (discovered through prayer and reading the Bible). Consideration is when we think about Him without expecting anything in return. This time is special for both parties because it strengthens the relationship and shows sincerity.

I want to be a Christian and have a relationship with Christ. What do I do now?

Becoming a Christian is as simple as ABC…

We must first

  • Accept that Jesus is the true son of God.
  • Believe that Jesus died for your sins (things done against God’s will, found in scripture)
  • Confess with your mouth these things and that you want Jesus to be your Lord and Savior


If this is your first time going through these steps, we would like to welcome you into the family of believers of Christ. You are now granted access to God and all of His blessings. You are now an heir of His kingdom along with your adopted brothers and sisters in Christ. Don’t celebrate alone! Find a bible-believing, bible-teaching church that will help you build your relationship with Christ and show you all that your access affords you.

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