“It was the best decision I ever made.”

I was abandoned by my dad as a child and abused verbally and physically by my mom, molested by an uncle,taken advantage of by a bishop, raped by another man, beaten severely by my husband and every relationship afterwards was abusive in some way as a result I have been diagnosed with 7 different mental illnesses. Don’t stop reading because my story doesn’t stop there.

   One day my counselor invited me to a place called Life Worth Living which I thought was to funny especially since I was suicidal, however I had nothing to lose so I went and I must say it was the best decision I ever made. Because I was taken advantage of by a bishop I stayed away from churches well you can say I despised them, but Life Worth Living is not a church it is truly a home. I have gained a family that never gave up on me even during my psychotic breaks and there was many. They came to my apartment to see about me even when I was rude, mean, and what I thought was unlovable. They showed me a love that I had never experienced before, it is truly a picture of God’s Love and I fell in Love which I thought I knew I was done with that because everything I Loved hurt me, but I didn’t know Jesus Love or even that I could love him that it’s not just an idea or a religion it’s a deep, passionate, unconditional Love that never stops. I wasn’t too ugly, too fat, or crazy but I am Lovable and so are you and that is one of the most important things I have received from God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and LWLC not in word but the actions are real, and are shown. I will end this by saying give it a try, most would say they will try anything once. I know it changed and is changing my life… We Love you but more importantly God truly Loves you! Let us show you!
-Ebony Snow